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Why this couple doesn't mind melting inside their ice-cream van every summer day
January 20, 2018

Copping 50 degrees Celsius temperatures inside an ice-cream van, listening to the same jingle on repeat and spending eight sweltering hours cooling others down is not how many people want to spend a hot summer's day. But one thing makes it all worthwhile for Canberrans Sarah and Carl Wicken. "When you turn the corner and kids are jumping up and down so excited, it's really good," Ms Wicken said. "I do a suburb a day and I try and do every street— I feel bad if even one child misses out." (source: read more

Teen’s Coffin Escorted to Funeral by Fleet of Ice Cream Trucks
January 15, 2018

A fleet of ice cream trucks had a sweet way of honoring the memory of a teen who had spent many summers selling ice cream. Friends and family of Lydia Eleanor Mary Cole, 18, of Herefordshire, England, witnessed an ice cream truck taking her coffin to her final resting place. The rest of the convoy parked outside the service, and treated mourners to ice cream cones following the funeral. “Ice creams from you were always the best, for me and Caitlyn, they were a million times yummier than the rest,” Lydia’s young nieces read in a poem they shared at her service. (source: read more

Archie's Ice Cream is 'your neighborhood ice cream store that rocks'
December 14, 2017

What do Steven Spielberg, Leonard Nimoy and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols have in common? They've all eaten Archie’s Ice Cream. The business, headed by three brothers who live in Orange County, has become a community favorite in Tustin where the sole store is located. But long before that shop was opened five years ago, Archie’s earned the admiration of popular celebrities, particularly the musical elite. The vibrantly-painted walls of the Tustin store, adorned with autographed photos and guitars, is an homage to the early years of Archie's, when the business was primarily run out of four ice cream trucks. There's a photo of Spielberg chomping into a Popsicle and one of Sugar Ray Leonard eating an iced chocolate fudge bar. Most of the photos in the store were shot in the back of one of the business's ice cream trucks, the Club Truck, in the Archie's Lounge, which is a kind of rock 'n' roll exhibit. (source: read more

Dream come true: Magdaleno owns, operates same ice cream truck she grew up chasing down the streets in Gering
July 26, 2017

Melinda Magdaleno and her husband, Victor, and their son, Teigan, greeted a number of smiling, ice cream hungry customers on 10th Street in Gering while the kiddie games were going on as part of Oregon Trail Days earlier this month. The Magdalenos have been selling soft serve ice cream for years out of their "Coney Express" truck, which Melinda and Victor purchased when they got married in 1986. And even with temperatures soaring into the 90s on this day – it was even hotter than that inside the truck – the Magdalenos were doing exactly what they wanted to do. "We love doing this," Melinda said. "We've been doing it for a long time. It never gets old." Melinda, who grew up in Gering, said her dream growing up was to someday operate her own ice cream truck. (source: read more

I scream, you scream; Ice cream truck gives summer a nostalgic vibe
July 1, 2017

When the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck plays up and down the street, it’s not just the children who come running. "People hear it from miles away, and they just go crazy," said Tricia Armstrong, owner of RC’s Frozen Treats. "But it’s not about the kids. The older people are the ones who are remembering from their childhood." Armstrong, who grew up in Decatur, said she remembers visiting the ice cream truck as a child. Her family bought the RC’s Frozen Treats truck a few years ago in Mississippi so her son, Ramsey, could earn some spending money. When they moved back to Decatur, the truck, which gets its namesake from her son’s initials, came with them. "It's about bringing something back to the community I grew up in," Armstrong said. (source: read more

Wilton siblings ready for third ice cream season
June 8, 2017

Wilton siblings Julia, Jack and Justin Lewis are gearing up for their third summer running their ice cream truck. The restored and hand-painted 1977 Chevy takes several tries for the engine to turn on, but once it’s running, it runs like a beauty, Jack Lewis said. Now that the high-schooler has his license, he'll be splitting the day driving the colorful truck with his 20-year-old sister, Julia. Justin, the youngest of the three, will tag along as usual to help serve customers, often bringing in new ice cream fans from his middle school and age group. "Our goal this year is to have the ice cream truck out from 11 to 5 as much as possible," Jack Lewis said. "So I'm excited for that." (source: read more

Doggie ice cream truck with treats for pups coming to Colorado Springs
June 7, 2017

The first and only doggie ice cream truck is making its way to Colorado Springs! Furry Friends, Inc., a company that delivers local dog and cat food during the week, has designed and created an ice cream and treat truck that caters to your furry friends. What’s on the menu? Maple bacon ice cream and Nana’s homemade Pupcakes for the canines! (source: read more

Asheville ice cream man says the sweetest things bring back bittersweet memories
March 24, 2017

An Asheville ice cream man says spring is a breath of fresh air considering what he's been through in recent years. Joe Crain's full-time job in hotel maintenance pays the bills, but his seasonal gig feeds a need for a joy. "Making everybody happy," he told News 13. "Making the ice cream man happy, too!" Joe can't eat much of what he sells because he has diabetes. "Sometimes it bothers you because I'd like to have ice cream just like everyone else does," he said. Peering out of his truck is a way of living vicariously through his customers. This time of year, there are sure-fire signs of a game changer. "I think everyone's ready for spring," said Casey Anderson at Carrier Park recently. "Just incredible weather. It's a beautiful day." It's the long-awaited change of pace him and his girls have been waiting for. (source: WLOS) read more

Melting the ice: local author chronicles adventures aboard a snow-cone truck
March 9, 2017

Author Abby Vega was traveling down the long stretch between Ponte Vedra Beach and Huntsville aboard a colorful snow cone truck just minutes before one of the most affirming moments of her life. She'd been called with a mission for one of her first ventures as a snow-cone truck driver from someone in New Jersey. Her destination: a drug and alcohol treatment center for the 21st birthday of the caller's nephew, a man she knew only by the name of Christopher, who at the age of 20 found himself in the center after fighting homelessness and addiction. And when they saw one another, their lives were forever changed. "Christopher's eyes lit up when he saw the truck," Vega remembered. "He and 50 other grown men were running excitedly toward the ice cream truck, and at that moment he was no longer lost and neither was I. That's when I knew I was meant to touch the lives of others and inspire people … when I realized my calling." (source: Ponte Vedra Recorder) read more

A dog waits patiently in line for ice cream cone
February 17, 2017

Reggie is a beautiful black Staffordshire bull terrier, and is well-known for being patient and polite. Reggie loves his ice cream cones, so every time the ice cream truck rolls into this neighborhood, Reggie gets excited. He wags his tail and waits patiently at the end of the line. After all the customers gets their ice cream cones, Reggie will get his too. (source: NTD.TV) read more

Ice cream truck restorations a throwback to bygone era
February 17, 2017

The Vintage Ice Cream Guys is a new business with an old-fashioned twist. Fort Lauderdale resident Richard Blech has spent more than 10 years finding and restoring original Good Humor Ice Cream trucks. He rents them out for events. As part of the rental, a driver arrives with a Good Humor man dressed in full uniform with the trademark white cap and distinctive metal coin-changer. Inside the freezer are the classic bars: toasted almond, strawberry shortcake and chocolate éclair - plus a modern selection of favorites such as push-up pops and special dietary options. There is a lot of history behind the old trucks. We sell memories," Blech said. "People say 'I haven't seen that truck in 70 years.' Everyone has a great story." Gary Lewi, managing director of a media relations firm that has employed the service, said "it absolutely connects you to that period of time when you heard the bells on a summer evening and you'd lurch for your allowance money." (source: SunSentinel) read more

Reading man is Ice Cream Man of the Year
February 16, 2017

A man who has been selling ice cream for over 35 years has been voted Ice Cream Man of the Year. Paul Field, from Reading, scooped the prize for "Mobiler of the Year" at the Ice Cream Alliance awards. Mr Field's firm - Maurice's Ice Cream - has served a number of famous faces, including Theresa May, Princes William and Harry, and DJ Tony Blackburn. Speaking after the event in Harrogate, Paul said he was "absolutely delighted". "Being ice cream man of the year is an absolute honour," he said. "The competition board didn't seem too bothered when I mentioned I had served the Prime Minister and royalty. "But when I showed them the picture of me serving Tony Blackburn, I think they were impressed. I think that's what did it." Paul, who began working as an ice cream man in 1982, said he was "proud" to be from Reading. (source: BBC) read more

Over The Moo announces first dairy free ice cream truck (Sydney)
February 14, 2017

Dairy free ice cream makers, Over The Moo, will launch the nation’s first dairy free ice cream truck, in and around Sydney from 2nd March as it heads across the city in a lovingly restored 1981 Ford Transit. Operating at select pop up events, the Over The Moo team will be delivering their signature sundaes with “brownie bits”, cookie chips and more. The Ice Cream Truck menu offers vegan cheese boards and dips, along with beverages like prosecco, vodka and elderflower mixers and beer. (source: read more

Blue Bunny launches its first ice cream food truck in Phoenix
February 10, 2017

Blue Bunny Ice Cream isn’t just hopping – it’s driving. The popular ice cream company will debut its gourmet dessert truck near Main Street and Country Club Drive in downtown Mesa on Friday night and at the Street Eats Festival in Scottsdale on Saturday. (source: KTAR NEWS) read more

On the road with the Lexylicious ice cream truck
September 29, 2016

Plain ol' Ice cream sandwiches? Been there. Marshmallowy cereal treats? Done that. But what about an ice cream sandwich made with cereal treats (and cookies)? Now you're talking. These are what you will can order from Lexylicious, a candy-pink food truck with Toms River's Alexa Hesse at the wheel. The 18-year-old started the business last year and is making a name for herself among New Jersey's nearly 160 food trucks. (source: read more

Ronald Sanchez Jr., ice cream truck owner
July 28, 2016

It’s something we’ve all—at one time or another—screamed for. And with as hot as Sacramento summers can get, sometimes you need to chill out and cool down. To do just that, SN&R caught up with Ronald Sanchez Jr., owner of Mr. Sancho’s Ice Cream, a local ice cream truck. We chatted about everything from the most popular ice cream flavors, car shows, how to keep ice cream cold and why insanely hot weather isn’t actually the most popular time for ice cream. (source: read more

Company launches adult-only ice cream van with boozy flavours for grown-ups
July 14, 2016

Move aside kids, because you need ID to be served at this Mr Whippy. The world’s first adult ice-cream van has arrived and it’s here all summer. It also comes with its own bouncer so don’t even bother trying if you’re under-age. The adult-only truck will be serving a range of boozy ice cream flavours for grown-ups, including IcePA, a beer flavoured ice cream in a pork scratching cone, served straight from the tap. And, best of all, it’s all completely free. You just need to catch it first. (source: MetroUK) read more

Rockland Ice Cream Truck Delivers Smiles, Sweets
July 13, 2016

According to John Monahan, there are few things that light up a 45-year-old mother or father of four the same way it lights up each one of their children. And that, he says, is ice cream. The New City resident should know. After years working for his father in the luxury limousine business, he started SweetGuy Ice Cream Truck in 2011. Now, the entrepreneur who grew up in Blauvelt, spends Memorial Day through Labor Day driving through the southern part of the county from noon to 9 p.m. each day, weather permitting. (source: RAMAPO) read more

Great Falls brothers start 'Likity-Split' ice-cream truck business
July 7, 2016

School is out for the summer, and for two brothers life is tasting pretty sweet as they go behind the wheel of the latest ice cream truck seen - and heard -around Great Falls over the past month. Heffernan brothers Aiden,15 and Mitchell, 17 were looking for summer jobs before they decided to start their own the business. "We found the cheapest deal on an old mail truck and we fixed it up ourselves, sanded it down, with a little help from our parents of course, we, uh, made Likity-Split," said Aiden Heffernan. Now, the two have become their own bosses, serving up sweet treats to neighborhoods around Great Falls. (source: read more

Les Waas, ad man behind infamous ice cream truck jingle and prolific procrastinator, dies at 94
April 29, 2016

It was 1960 — or maybe 1956, he couldn’t really recall — when Lester “Les” Waas was let loose in New York City with a 12-inch bell and an order to record a three-minute radio ad for a small ice cream company. As legend goes, he created a lyrical, chime-filled tune in one take and named it “Jingles and Chimes.” The client, a Philadelphia-born, Jersey-based business called Mister Softee, loved it. Fifty years later, generations of Americans will never be able to get his jingle out of their heads. It became one of the best Pavlovian marketing tools and, consequently, one of the most abhorred pieces of music to a parent’s ears. Countless ice cream trucks blare an endless loop of Waas’s lyric-less tune through summer’s steaming streets, cul-de-sacs, parks and playgrounds, attracting children in swarms and noise complaints in the thousands. The song was almost banned in New York City in 2004 due to a concentrated noise-reduction effort led by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but was saved by Mister Softee’s economic arguments (and a large nostalgic outcry). (source: The Washington Post) read more

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