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On the road with the Lexylicious ice cream truck
September 29, 2016

Plain ol' Ice cream sandwiches? Been there. Marshmallowy cereal treats? Done that. But what about an ice cream sandwich made with cereal treats (and cookies)? Now you're talking. These are what you will can order from Lexylicious, a candy-pink food truck with Toms River's Alexa Hesse at the wheel. The 18-year-old started the business last year and is making a name for herself among New Jersey's nearly 160 food trucks. (source: read more

Ronald Sanchez Jr., ice cream truck owner
July 28, 2016

It’s something we’ve all—at one time or another—screamed for. And with as hot as Sacramento summers can get, sometimes you need to chill out and cool down. To do just that, SN&R caught up with Ronald Sanchez Jr., owner of Mr. Sancho’s Ice Cream, a local ice cream truck. We chatted about everything from the most popular ice cream flavors, car shows, how to keep ice cream cold and why insanely hot weather isn’t actually the most popular time for ice cream. (source: read more

Company launches adult-only ice cream van with boozy flavours for grown-ups
July 14, 2016

Move aside kids, because you need ID to be served at this Mr Whippy. The world’s first adult ice-cream van has arrived and it’s here all summer. It also comes with its own bouncer so don’t even bother trying if you’re under-age. The adult-only truck will be serving a range of boozy ice cream flavours for grown-ups, including IcePA, a beer flavoured ice cream in a pork scratching cone, served straight from the tap. And, best of all, it’s all completely free. You just need to catch it first. (source: MetroUK) read more

Rockland Ice Cream Truck Delivers Smiles, Sweets
July 13, 2016

According to John Monahan, there are few things that light up a 45-year-old mother or father of four the same way it lights up each one of their children. And that, he says, is ice cream. The New City resident should know. After years working for his father in the luxury limousine business, he started SweetGuy Ice Cream Truck in 2011. Now, the entrepreneur who grew up in Blauvelt, spends Memorial Day through Labor Day driving through the southern part of the county from noon to 9 p.m. each day, weather permitting. (source: RAMAPO) read more

Great Falls brothers start 'Likity-Split' ice-cream truck business
July 7, 2016

School is out for the summer, and for two brothers life is tasting pretty sweet as they go behind the wheel of the latest ice cream truck seen - and heard -around Great Falls over the past month. Heffernan brothers Aiden,15 and Mitchell, 17 were looking for summer jobs before they decided to start their own the business. "We found the cheapest deal on an old mail truck and we fixed it up ourselves, sanded it down, with a little help from our parents of course, we, uh, made Likity-Split," said Aiden Heffernan. Now, the two have become their own bosses, serving up sweet treats to neighborhoods around Great Falls. (source: read more

Les Waas, ad man behind infamous ice cream truck jingle and prolific procrastinator, dies at 94
April 29, 2016

It was 1960 — or maybe 1956, he couldn’t really recall — when Lester “Les” Waas was let loose in New York City with a 12-inch bell and an order to record a three-minute radio ad for a small ice cream company. As legend goes, he created a lyrical, chime-filled tune in one take and named it “Jingles and Chimes.” The client, a Philadelphia-born, Jersey-based business called Mister Softee, loved it. Fifty years later, generations of Americans will never be able to get his jingle out of their heads. It became one of the best Pavlovian marketing tools and, consequently, one of the most abhorred pieces of music to a parent’s ears. Countless ice cream trucks blare an endless loop of Waas’s lyric-less tune through summer’s steaming streets, cul-de-sacs, parks and playgrounds, attracting children in swarms and noise complaints in the thousands. The song was almost banned in New York City in 2004 due to a concentrated noise-reduction effort led by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but was saved by Mister Softee’s economic arguments (and a large nostalgic outcry). (source: The Washington Post) read more

Door-to-door vacuum salesman to $120 million shaved ice truck franchise
April 26, 2016

More than a decade ago, Tony Lamb's young daughter had an interesting run-in with an ice cream truck driver. "My four kids hear the music, and instinctively go running for the front yard. My wife and I come around the corner and there is the sketchiest van you've ever seen in your life," Lamb recalls. "It's a '72 Chevy van, smoke rolling out of it and a very suspect character sticks his head out and my daughter, who was about three, just stops and screams." She still ordered a Popsicle. While the couple had a good laugh, the experience wound up changing the course of their lives. Lamb was running his own marketing consulting business. In a previous career, he sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Lamb, 47, spent the next two years obsessing over what a better ice cream truck business model might look like. (source: CNBC) read more

An Ice Cream Truck and a Family Enterprise
April 12, 2016

It all started with a want ad in a newspaper for ice cream truck drivers. My older brother, Phil, had just gotten his driver’s license and was looking for a summer gig. Together we went and saw this guy who owned a huge graveyard of rusted ice cream trucks near I-95 in Bridgeport, Conn., and he rented out the ones that still functioned, at about $500 a week, plus the cost of ice cream.We got a little help from our parents, and rented our truck for the first season, in 2001. My brother drove, and I sat on the freezer compressor, which is where the passenger seat used to be. The truck was a vintage 1967 Ford F-250 pickup converted into a Good Humor truck in the 1960s. It was covered in years worth of ice cream stickers, and needed a lot of work. But everything was original, from the brass bells that signal customers to the freezer itself, and we were able to figure out that it originally served in Brooklyn, years before I was born. (source: The Wall Street Journal) read more

845 Life: Over-the-top Monroe ice cream truck is one of a kind
April 10, 2016

Nobody messes with the Ice Mother. Nobody. “We have some special ways of doing things, and our competitors are always wondering how we do this,” says Dawn Radice, aka the Ice Mother. “I could tell them the secrets, but then I’d have to kill them.” Ba-da-boom. Dawn operates what can only be described as an over-the-top Italian ice and ice cream truck out of Monroe. The 23-foot long, 10-foot high, silver-painted 2012 Mercedes van was custom built by her husband, Robert. “What else would the Ice Mother have except a Mercedes?” she says. The van has mottos on every side, such as “Let Us Put You On Ice!” and “Join Our Mob!” and “Flavors You Won’t Fuggetabout!” It’s a Godfather meets frozen desserts kind of thing. Only on wheels. Dawn grew up in Brooklyn – where else? (source: read more

New Truck For Mel The Ice Cream Man
April 6, 2016

Mel Ozel, Port’s favorite ice cream man, has a new, state-of-the-art ice cream truck that he debuted this weekend. The new, custom-made and painted ice cream truck is “the Rolls-Royce of ice cream trucks,” said Ozel. “It’s a Whitby Morrison truck made by David Cummins. It was made in Florida and shipped to England to be converted and hand-painted. There is no other truck like it in New York State and only about 10 in the U.S. The truck doesn’t need a generator to power the freezer, which saves on fuel costs and makes the truck much quieter.” The truck looks sleek and modern, yet it has a nostalgic feel. (source: Port Washington News) read more

Bendy's Cookies & Cream food truck launches with homemade ice cream sandwiches
March 30, 2016

A Homewood couple is launching a food truck this month that offers homemade ice cream sandwiches - but with flavors like sweet cream cookie butter swirl and strawberry buttermilk, these aren't the sandwiches you grew up with. Ben and Wendy Treadwell are preparing to launch Bendy's Cookies & Cream food truck. It's an ice cream truck or a cookie truck - customers can order one or the other or design their own ice cream sandwich with any desired combination. (source: read more

The Fire & Ice Cream Truck Has a New Owner — But the Ice Cream Is Familiar
March 8, 2016

Beckie Jacobs, the proprietor of Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream (8130 Big Bend Blvd., 314-962-2700), has long considered Scott and Stephanie Pondrum her friends. But it wasn't until she read about it in the RFT that she realized the Pondrums were looking to sell their one-of-a-kind vintage treat-dispensing truck, the Fire & Ice Cream Truck. And then Jacobs immediately made up for lost time. "The minute I found out about it, I reached out to them," she says. (source: RFT) read more

Every Boozy Treat at Break Room 86?s New Ice Cream Truck
March 4, 2016

Last Thursday, Koreatow's 80s-themed bar Break Room 86 debuted its brand-new boozy ice cream truck on its patio. Just in time for an early spring! The outdoor bar is serving up frozen treats, from Coolhaus cocktail-inspired ice cream sandwiches to BuzzBar's alcohol-infused frozen bars. And remember the boozy push-up pops that debuted when Break Room 86 first opened, but then disappeared? They're back! (source: Los Angeles Magazine) read more

WATCH: Ice-cream man transforms old-school van
February 27, 2016

Ice-cream man Alfonso Urso used to drive past the disused Sherborn van on his daily journey for the best part of a decade through Willenhall. And one day Mr Urso decided to ask the owner if he could buy it. What followed was a year-long labour of love to renovate the van ? making it the perfect addition to the family business Alfonso & Son?s. With the help of his 19-year-old son, Carmelo, Alfonso set about the ambitious conversion, ripping out the old petrol engine and replacing it with a diesel one, which could be used to run ice cream equipment. He built the body from scratch using aluminium sheets and installed fridges and cabinets ? all the while trying to maintain a retro style. (source: Express & Star) read more

Business notebook: Unique ice-cream truck isn't just a seasonal operation
December 14, 2015

While some people's thoughts turn to cookies and hot chocolate in December, those who prefer cooler treats are in luck: Andy's Sweet Tooth, an ice-cream truck with a modern twist, is available year-round. Andy Exler started the business while he and his wife were living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was a manager at Steak 'n Shake, and she was studying physical therapy. He said many of the ice-cream trucks on the road in Fort Lauderdale are illegal, "creepy" vans that worked only in cash and didn't pay taxes. So he and another manager he had worked with at Steak 'n Shake decided they wanted to make "a neat-looking ice-cream truck" from which people wouldn't be afraid to let their children buy ice cream. (source: Southeast Missourian) read more

Ice cream truck makes for one cool business for Gig Harbor family
July 29, 2015

Back in 2011, Annmarie Mitchell was just perusing Craigslist for a car when she came across an ice cream truck. It registered a sweet and cool business idea. And so KC Freeze, an ice cream truck business, was born. Named after sons Kyler, 12, and Cole, 10, it’s grown to be a cooperative business between the three. The kids help serve some 20 to 50 varieties of ice cream from the truck or the converted Jeep that makes up the KC Freeze fleet. Mitchell hopes that someday, when they’re older, it can become a starter job for the boys. “They deal with all aspects of it,” she said. That’s anything from manning the cash register to handling orders to serving. As a single mom, she wanted to have a job where she could still find time with her boys. The KC Freeze truck provides just that — especially in the height of summer. (source: read more

845Life: Remembering the Good Humor ice cream truck
July 26, 2015

Anyone who is of a certain age can recall the Good Humor ice cream truck. Bells jingling, tires rolling slowly down your street during hazy summer afternoons, the inside filled with frozen ice cream treats, encased behind thick, heavy doors. The whole neighborhood would turn out. Well, Adam Powers, 47, has one of those trucks in pristine condition, squirreled away in a Pine Island garage, ready to go. “It’s an original 1965 Ford truck,” Powers says fondly. “There were only a couple of hundred of these made.” He pops open the hood. “Very simple, six-cylinder engine,” Powers says. “It’s like a tractor. It needed a little work. I put a new carburetor in, upgraded some of the electric, but everything else worked fine.” (source: read more

After 68 years, they all still scream for his ice cream
July 25, 2015

PEABODY — In a park here on the North Shore on a Friday afternoon, about 100 children are clamoring, waiting in eager anticipation for Allan Ganz’s ice cream truck to pull up blaring “Yankee Doodle.” It’s a rare summer moment where the driver of an ice cream truck is perhaps even more popular than the slushies and ice cream sandwiches he’s selling. When Ganz, 78, pulls in, he’s ready for the crowd, and it’s no wonder. He’s been selling sweet treats from an ice cream truck almost since World War II, for 68 years. He proudly shows off a certificate from last fall that states Guinness World Records recognizes him as having the “longest career as an ice cream man’’ — anywhere. “The kids don’t ask for the ice cream man. They ask for Allan,” said Justin Barrasso, a summer recreational director for Peabody. “It’s about more than just ice cream.” Barrasso, 32, was watching over children in a summer program at Jubilee Park on Friday. Once Ganz rolled up, his charges jumped off the jungle gym and swings and swarmed him. (source: read more

Good Humor’s Iconic Ice Cream Trucks Are Making a Big Comeback
June 23, 2015

The Unilever-owned brand will bring back a nostalgic look for a summer tour Good Humor’s trucks will soon be hitting the road again after a decades-long hiatus, but the iconic ice cream brand’s fleet will be announcing its presence with tweets instead of clanging bells. Nearly 40 years after sidelining its famous fleet, Good Humor is launching a “Welcome to Joyhood” sampling tour this summer that will see the classic version of the brand’s ice cream trucks making stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Boston, according to Ad Age. (source: read more

Ice-cream truck gains popularity in Cuernavaca area
June 17, 2015

Summer vacation is here, and many of Austin’s high school students are looking forward to three months of leisure. Not so for sisters Julia and Nina Mewborne, a graduating senior and rising sophomore St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, respectively. The founders of the Las Hermanas Ice Cream Truck are preparing for their second summer as small business owners. (source: Statesman) read more

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